For pressure irrigation systems, fertigation, blowers, programmers

Autonomous solar systems, allow isolated houses / houses, commercial, industrial, recreational or agricultural facilities, to produce their own energy, without recourse or connection to the electricity grid. In the case of the agricultural sector, they are used to feed solar irrigation water pumps, in cases where it is necessary to irrigate outside the solar hours, and to feed fertigation systems, blowers, tools, welding machines, irrigation programmers, refrigerators, etc.

An autonomous solar system consists of the following components:


Photovoltaic panels convert solar energy into direct current (DC) electricity


The charge regulator converts the (high) voltage of the panels into a voltage suitable for charging batteries. It also prevents them from overloading, stopping panel production when necessary


The batteries receive the energy from the charge regulator, and store it in the form of direct current, usually 12, 24 or 48vDC. Depending on the needs, they can have a reservation (in case of prolonged bad weather) of 1 or several days or weeks.


The inverter finally converts the DC power of the batteries, into alternating current (AC), mono or three-phase, as if the normal electrical network were


Unlike most of our competitors, let us fully protect our facilities. Between the panels and the load regulator, we install DC disconnection (much more expensive than AC), and lightning and other surge arresters. Between the batteries and the charge regulator and the inverter, we always install high quality DC fuses and an emergency cut-off. In all connections made, we use oversized electrical cables for greater safety and efficiency. It is the small details that distinguish us!


As an option, and depending on the customer's needs and habits, it is possible to install remote displays at home, to better monitor the performance and status of your system. Likewise, we have solutions for remote control and monitoring by internet and SMS messages.

We have extensive experience in the design and installation of autonomous systems throughout the national territory.

We have the best materials, with battery life up to 20 years!

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